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Trade Services
We have an extensive network of specialist surveyors and laboratories whom we use to complement our business structure.
Coverage Analysis and Construction
Coverage analysis requires a working knowledge of all types of marine coverage and how they dovetail with International regulations.
Regulatory Appeal Work
We specialize in the nuts and bolts of food regulatory compliance systems. The company maintains a library of these regulations.
Food & Drug Administration-USA.
United States Department of Agriculture-USA.
Department of Fisheries & Oceans-Canada.
Agriculture Canada-Canada.
EU Authorities in Brussels, EU
We know the many divisions which fall within the jurisdiction of each Regulatory Agency. Foodstuff shipments are our competitive advantage.
Loss Prevention and Risk Research Services
Avoiding exposure to loss requires specific knowledge of products, trade streams, processes, and distribution.
  • We can research the detention and refusal history of every seafood packing house that has shipped product.
  • We can provide risk profiles based on product type, country of origin, port of entry, and by specific packing  houses.   .
  • We can examine current regulatory practices and assess one's exposure to loss for any given trade, or series of trades.
Secondary Market and Salvage Sale Offerings
As part of a survey investigation, or even independent of such investigations, we can offer damaged product discounts.
When you suffer uninsured losses, we can prosecute the claim against a third party based on a 'no cure-...
Litigation Management
When a dialogue directed toward settlement does not result in a viable settlement offer, we would orchestrate appropriate action to reach settlement.
Arbitration of Commercial Disputes
We offer these services as an alternative resolution process which seeks to find grounds for compromise.
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