International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc.
  The Managed Care Facility for Comprehensive Claim Expertise
Corporate Goals
To introduce a high level of product knowledge and legal expertise form inception or loss through final resolution of claim.
To conduct an investigation that will protect the mutual interest of both claimants and insurers and independent verification of all actions. When the merits of a claim fall into a gray area, we will always strive to settle in favor of the policyholder. This represents a longstanding judicial principle which we embrace for its fairness.
To be proactive and innovative in the areas of loss mitigation, while always sensitive to the commercial needs of shippers and consignees alike.
To provide timely communications to all parties. To provide an operations computer software system which incorporates a mastery of all detail related to case development. Accounting, financial and all professional services provided to our clients are documented on a per-case basis. Our software system, for both internal and third party verification purposes.
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