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Publications, Addresses & Seminars
Presented by Curtis W. Keyes
President and Founder
Founded 1983
1. "It's About Time Business Entered the World of Cargo Loss Prevention" Japan Insurance Journal, Tokyo, Japan 1985. Treatise published in conjunction with Tokyo, 1985. International Union of Marine Underwriters Annual Conference.
2. "Seafood Examinations by the FDA & Their Impact on Insurers Covering the Risk of Rejection", October, 1991. Paper distributed to Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, European Marine Insurance Markets.
3. "Bad Faith Litigation and It's Ramifications on First Part Claims to Marine Cargo Contracts of Insurance", Address Before the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, Brisbane. Australia, November 1989.
4. "The Impact of Diversionary Shipping Practices on Standardized Meat Clauses Insuring the Meat Trade into North America". Address before the Meat Importer's Council of America, Reno, Nevada, March 1993.
5. "How to Manage and Minimize the Risk of FDA Intervention". Address Before the Legal Workshop of the National Fisheries Institute, Washington DC, Annual Convention, November 1993.
6. "Managing the Risks of Forest Products Distribution into North America". Address Before Forest Products Symposium Organized by Skandia Insurance Company Ltd., Sundsvall, Sweden, June 1987. 
7. "The Risk of Meat Rejection to USA-Current Regulatory Practices". Paper distributed to Australian and New Zealand Marine Insurance Markets and to the Membership of Meat Importers Council of America, February 1995.
8. Regulatory Joint Workshop convened by the National Marine Fishery Service-United States Department of Commerce, -Lead an inter-agency workshop attended by senior officers from FDA/Los Angeles, US Customs, Los Angeles, and National Marine Fishery Service, July 9, 1991, Bell, California.
9. Columnist for American Seafood Institute Report, February 1995 to present Published Columns:
February, 1995: 'Fight Detentions Affordably'
March, 1995: 'The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act'
April, 1995: 'Are you a Victim of Selective FDA Enforcement'
May 1995: 'A Balanced View of FDA Enforcement'
June, 1995: 'The Tyranny of the Nose'
July/August, 1995: 'A Seafood Importer's Council'
September, 1995: 'Seafood Theft'
October, 1995: 'The Quicksands of Regulatory Enforcement'
February, 1996: 'The Illusions of Democracy and How to Better Manage the Risks of FDA Intervention'
April, 1996: 'HACCP- The Final Rules But Not The Final Solution'
10. The Costa Rican Ministry of Trade and Agriculture invited me to Costa Rica to meet with Governmental Officials and Agencies involved with trade along with groups of exporters to discuss methods of achieving greater return from their trade receivables. October, 1989- San Juan, Costa Rica.
11. Addressed numerous Marine Insurance industry workshops in Australia and New Zealand during the past ten years.
12. "The Changing US Meat Regulatory law Issues". Address before the Marine Underwriting Groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand. October 1996.
13. "A Case Study of Admiralty law Issues". A case litigated by ICLP which demonstrates the interplay of legal doctrines and theories which govern the custodial care of high valued cargo as it moves from vessel to marine terminal to inland carriers domiciled in the USA. November 1, 1997, Park City, Utah.
14. Testimony of Curtis W. Keyes, President, International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc. Before the Subcommittee on Surface transportation and Merchant Marine, Committee of Commerce, Science and Transportation, United States Senate, April 21, 1998. Washington DC testimony in support of two additional revisions to COGSA 98, as proposed and drafted by the Maritime Law Association of the United States.
15. "Managing the Impacts pf HACCP and Product Recall" Conference sponsored by the National Fisheries Institute and held in Washington DC, September 14 and 15, 1998. Curtis W. Keyes acted as moderator in sessions involving FDA access to HACCP records, product recall and product liability issues.
16. "Risk Management: An Overview of Risks Impacting the Meat Trade" Address delivered in a workshop forum, as part of a three day conference held September 17-19, 1998 in conjunction with the 37th Annual Meeting of the Meat Importers Council of America, Inc./ Philadelphia, PA.
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